The Mind of Got Damn Samm

    A lot of wisdom, trails and tribulations came with this game.... Difference between me and others is I kept going! Even when people around me got unmotivated, I kept the same tunnel vision. The excitement is in the craft/journey.... People always wondering why Samm not rich...why he not major yet. It’s cause I had a lot to learn cause Gods plan for me was set different. I worked hard for everything I got. I built relationships with people in every major city, I toured all over the USA & Canada, I ran a record label with 5 artist, I’m @slimthug 🐐 Dj, I shot more videos than every director in Houston, My artist @famousrapchic_ was in the xxl, I help mold by bro @DatDamnMonty into a legit comedian, Shot & Directed my first Movie & much more.

     I’ve seen so much success but I’m still pushing because all that was, me growing as I go. I learned so much from working with new people in different fields of the music industry. So many people have known me as The Rapper, Dj, Producer, Director or Graphics Artist. I’m over 15yrs strong in the game but I start really touching the scene at age 15. I watched every era of Houston hip hop evolve. Today at age 33 I can now step out in confidence and say I’m ready to give this game my all with all the knowledge I acquired, YOU BOUT TO WITNESS GREATNESS! All by the grace of God.


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